MYMALL קפריסין

פרטי הנכס.

MYMALL Limassol is a modern center in the lively city of Limassol. Since its opening to the public in mid 2009, it has been highly productive, developed a strong franchise value as well as the ability to attract some of the world’s leading retail brands. It currently forms an essential part of the community’s social and economic fabric as it is established as one of the leading retail destination of the island of Cyprus, integrating food, high-street fashion, leisure, entertainment and more.

Its outstanding tenant mix, excellent public transportation accessibility and highly professional marketing have turned it into the most interesting shopping attraction in Cyprus. MYMALL Limassol’s unique architectural design and spacious Greek Temple like structure sculptured into a modern facility makes it a great place to spend time. In short MYMALL Limassol has revolutionized the notion of shopping in Cyprus by offering a unique experience for the whole family.


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א’ – ה’ – מ-9:30 – 22:00
ו’ – מ-9:00 – 15:00
שבת – מ-10:00- 23:00

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